Established in 2003, ReConnect is a London based Charity working to enable unemployed and underemployed Refugees to gain skills & mainstream qualifications.


Our Vision

Enabling Refugees through the provision of appropriate guidance, training, work experience and development of innovative projects, we can work with unemployed and underemployed Refugees to realise their potential as teachers and journalists and become active participants in the UK and in their countries of origin or in developing countries.

Our Core Values

A commitment to inclusion, diversity, equal opportunities & human dignity

An enabling and refugees centred environment that generates relevant ideas and targeted & coordinated projects

Promotion of partnership & cooperation – through shared ideas, resources for & experience, with our networks of communities, organisations & individuals

Enduring and sustainable frameworks that links the needs/ skills of refugees in UK with that of developing countries

Our Perspective

Refugees face considerable challenges, but are determined to rebuild their careers/livelihoods

Refugees need a structured programme to support their aspirations and efforts

Refugee seek to make a positive contribution to their host community in the UK

Refugees are aware of their needs and often seek ways to make a contribution to their countries of origin or developing countries

Refugees have first-hand experience of conditions affecting their communities

Refugees are best-placed to promote understanding and positive images of themselves and their communities

Our Methods

ReConnect provides one-to-one, guidance and support to enable unemployed & underemployed refugees to make an informed choice in higher education and teaching

ReConnect works with reputable academic/training institutions to enable unemployed Refugees to gain skills and mainstream qualifications

ReConnect works in partnership with a number of further and higher education institutions to enable Refugees to:

– Gain work experience in the UK through mentoring & work placement

– Transfer their teaching skills to the higher education sector in South Sudan and Ethiopia

ReConnect provides a forum for refugees to enable them to engage directly with the media, policy makers and the public

Refugees are best-placed to promote understanding and positive images of themselves and their communities

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